Client Server

  • An efficient and sustainable maintenance management!
  • Approved by more than 3,500 customers in the world, DIMO Maint is a key offeron the CMMS market today. DIMO Maint can meet the needs from SMEs to large international accounts in all business sectors. Beyond a quick return on investment, the ease of use and intuitive navigation of our solutions secure the commitment of future users, key point for the success of your maintenance computerization project.
  • Adapted to the specific nature of each business (industry, services, health, transport, hotel industry…)
  • Easy-to-use, user-friendly, and rapid to implement
  • Available in 14 languages
  • Offre Saas/Cloud
  • Mobile solution
  • Open and complementary to the information system (ERP, MES, Computerized manufacturing process management (CMPM), Supervision, CTM/BTM, fixed assets…)
  • Improving your management and reducing your costs (labour force, spare parts, etc.)
  • Optimizing your purchases (stock of spare parts, subcontracting)
  • Improving the reliability and availability of your equipment and extending their operating life
  • Monitoring the activity of your subcontractors and external providers
  • Ensuring equipment traceability to comply with regulatory constraints
  • Improving feedbacks
  • Helping decision-making thanks to activity management indicators
  • Best value for money


The new generation of web cmms with over 20 years of experience in publishing maintenance management software, DIMO Maint MX is the latest solution of the range.

  • Multi-browsers
  • Hosted application or intranet
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone application

The more user friendly and scalable cmms with its 3 versions Express, Standard and Full, DIMO Maint MM offers the most complete and flexible solution for your maintenance management to assist you throughout your CMMS project.

  • Windows Client
  • Multi-browsers web module
  • Hosted application or local network
  • Tablet for web module
  • Smartphone application
  • Pocket PC application

100% web and powerfull cmms dimo maint ax offers a powerful, functional and 100% web solution to the management of your maintenance activity. Quick to deploy, your CMMS solution will be rapidly operational.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Hosted application or intranet
  • Windows Tablet
  • Smartphone application
  • Pocket PC application

The complete and user-friendly cmms !

  • Windows Client
  • Multi Database
  • Hosted or local network
  • Unlimited Work Request module (multi web browser or client server)
  • OptiTrace traceability module (FDA – 21CFR11)
  • Barcode edition
  • Mobile Application

In partnership with DIMO Software, Fournier evolves towards a full computerized maintenance, an increased operational efficiency of services, a streamlined management of stocks and purchases, an accurate budget monitoring for better decision making. The CMMS optimization meets the requirement of Lean Manufacturing.

The very professional response capacity from the whole DIMO Software’s team enabled a quick and efficient implementation. I recommend DIMO Maint app to all factories who would like to obtain a first CMMS approach and improve their internal processes.

Without DIMO Maint’s CMMS, the new team would not have been working and getting such a quick level of operational efficiency. Actually, we started from scratch. We would have been quickly overwhelmed by the number of operations and the action monitoring. Today, all data are centralized and the business organization is more flexible, responsive and profitable. Indeed, the executive management observed a decrease in maintenance costs by 12%, while the number of delivered packages increased.