Topmaint will have a team of auditors at the factory to evaluate each line based on TPM's standard procedures, and provide a detailed report whereby business leaders know the status of their business. (Free of charge).


From the reports of the audit team and based on the characteristics of each business, Topmaint's consulting team will analyze and select the optimal solution and suitable with the business conditions (Free of charge).


The master plan will be developed for the entire TPM program agreed with the business, then the step-by-step  plans will be set up to match the company's production and resources for each period .


The training program will be concentrate, concise by pictures to visualize the workflow, visually into the standardized processes in the TPM.


Train directly on the line for the management, maintenance department, operator group and repairers on the principle of 100% of employees involved in the TPM, from basic to advanced, the previous step is the foundation of the step after. Audit at the end each step.

Maintain & Improvements

During the process of setting up and standardizing the whole system, the parameters throughout the operation will be updated in accordance with the daily management system (DMS), to maintain and improve continuously on computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) of advanced France and Canada.