company overview

Topmaint is a leading company in Vietnam specializing in TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) consulting services, by optimizing comprehensive maintenance systems to fit the needs of the each customer. Topmaint's consultants are engineers who have been trained in TPM and CMMS at local and abroad for many years to deploy and operate systems in multinational corporations such as P&G, Coca Cola and Nestle.
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With the need of flexible information systems, DIMO Software is convinced that the combination of specialized solutions brings a real added value to companies. Organized in business units, we are vigilant in daily applying our innovation and ethics values.

Fiix was started in Toronto by a few ‘fiixers’ that wanted to bring simplicity to the unnecessarily complicated world of maintenance management software. And they wanted to do it with a product that was easy to use and affordable for everyone.

why choose Topmaint

Not audited, no consultant - will not sign the contract

In order to provide customers with an advanced maintenance management system with international standard procedures integrated in the computer maintenance management system. The audit and advisory process is an integral part of an organization's process of developing and standardizing the system, to address the constraints that need to be improved and to advise on how to implement it in an optimal way. each enterprise with its own characteristics.

Unqualified customers - will not deploy

Understanding the human factor will be the main factor determining the success of an organization, so Topmaint will carefully review these conditions and needs of customers to advise how to prepare and deploy.

Implementation if under standards - redo or postpone 

The key criteria for evaluating each step of implementation will be given in detail to each production line from the planning stage so "the standard will not negotiate"

Mission & vision

Generalize Total productive maintenance  - Control, maintain and improvement by mobile technology.

Technology is changing and simplifying maintenance.

Core Value

Tradition + Technology + 100% Employees Involved = a Worth Working Organization .