Significant impact on
Security; Environment; Human Comfort; Air Quality; Energy Consumption; Image / client satisfaction; CO2 Emissions; Operational Costs; Availability of Equipment; Efficiency of Equipment
Technical Support
A 100% dedicated support team / help desk who achieved a satisfaction rate of nearly 90% in response times, friendliness and efficiency (ISO 9001:2008)
Over 30 years of know-how and experience in industrial maintenance in small, medium and large factories in dozens of different industries
User friendly
Quick and easy to implement and accessible to users (for maintenance, production, storage, retail, top-level management…)


Used to manage the maintenance of hundreds of buildings of all shapes and sizes around the world: hotels, resorts, hospitals, banks, universities, residential and office buildings, shopping centres, technical buildings and others.

It can be used to manage a large building or a complex of geographically-dispersed buildings.
Main Features
  • Management of equipment pools, fact sheets and documents
  • Preventative maintenance management
  • Planning with automatic alerts, using a calendar with drag and drop feature
  • Receiving and organising requests made by users and building staff
  • Full maintenance history (per equipment, building, etc.)
  • Monitoring of consumption and costs for electricity, water and gas
  • Analyses, reports and maintenance indicators (costs of maintenance per building, number of malfunctions…) and KPIs customised by the user (costs per square metre)
  • Mobile access for quick insertion of records
Main Advantages

    Topmaint allows building maintenance managers:

  • To save a lot of time with quick access to all information about the building or complex of buildings’ equipment: technical documents, blueprints, schematic drawings, planned work, maintenance history, etc.
  • To quickly respond to requests for maintenance made by the building’s users and staff and to guarantee that information is not lost when the request is made;
  • To plan and carry out preventative maintenance and increase the availability of equipment that is critical to the operating of the building
  • To accumulate maintenance history and make better technical decisions that reduce costs and increase building efficiency
  • To control all sub-contracted maintenance, controlling the work and the cost of maintenance suppliers
  • Thorough control of costs on the maintenance of the building by itemising costs


…is not only a technological support, it brings essentially an attitude of Management. It has a wide range of ‘add-ons’ and the technical team is very competent in solving our problems. Great Solution!
Hugo Cortez
Manager, International Iberian
Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL)
They have a very experienced and methodical team of consultants. This software is a powerful and flexible tool, it adjusts to many types of buildings
Jorge Pedro
The software is functional and very intuitive, which enables the user to easily understand how it works. We had CMMS Software’s permanent support in order to optimize the implementation process, they were always available for us and very helpful
Gilberto Lopes
Maintenance department coordenator, IST - Instituto Superior Técnico (University of Lisbon)